My name is Kingston.

I was born September 16th, 2011 at 9:59PM in Chicago, IL. I was three weeks early and weighed therefore only 5lbs 14oz but don’t let that trick you! I’m a big boy now!


I tend to speak in my own, little language.

I think my parents can understand what I say most of the time yet I’m not too sure, but their enthusiastic nods give me reason to believe that they truly understand.

My parents encourage me to try and experience new things.

Every chance I get I will share my adventures and thoughts with you.  I will make recommendations based upon all the new things I’m encountering.

I love animals and books!

My favorite animals are (in that order, of course!): Lions, monkey’s, elephant’s and last but not least, giraffes. I enjoy books too (even though I can’t read yet) but I do choose which book I want to have mommy or daddy read to me ALL by myself! Great, huh? After the book is picked – I will take a seat on my parents lap and have them do the work for me. By the way, did I mention that I’m a great helper too? Yep, I can throw things into the trash can (to my parents delight!) and I pretend that I can clean too!

I enjoy kisses!

Especially from a cute girl! Just joking, mom – you’re still my favorite!

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