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  1. LD: I think you’re right, it’s a hard thing to change, and even if it can be done I’m not sure it suohld be. It’s more that I’d like to be able to give some sense that lightness exists also to those whose natural state is somewhat gloomy. Jasmine: You’re right on about not trying not to worry about what you’ve been given and just working with it as best you can. That’s important for me to bear in mind as well.Carol: Thank you! It’s nice to meet you too!Misha: If they make sense to you, go for it. As long as others aren’t being harmed, why not? Sometimes the hardest and most beautiful thing is just to take the leap.Amy: Thank you! Yes, I do think it’s hard for those of us who got lucky with the happy neurochemistry to wrap our heads around what it’s like not to work that way. Which is why compassion is such an important part of joy – as is remembering that one’s own form of open-mindedness isn’t always the only form.Arlee: Thanks again! This has been such a wonderful experience. I feel so lucky to get to meet all your wonderful readers.bucksaver: Thank you. It’s good to know I’ve got something to offer.

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