Your 22-Month-Old Toddler

Our social and emotional milestones.


I am almost 2 years old, whoop! I can communicate using both words (“Milk, please!” or “Stop it!”) and gestures! I’ve been experimenting with how my ability to communicate affects my parents and nanny. Sometimes, I would yell “Stop it”, not because I really mean it, but simply because I’m interested to see how my parents/nanny respond to my order! It amuses me – truth to be told! Or I would randomly point at things and shout: “Look”! Usually this request signifies my need for their approval, for instance: My parents and I have this game where I would point at something and they go: “Great, job! What do you see”? I love it when they praise me because it gives me the confidence to keep trying new things on my own.

Other developments: Expressing love and cooperating … maybe.

Yes, I freely kiss and hug the people I love around me because I know it makes them happy. Every now and then I help “clean up” too until I get bored with that ‘game’, such as throwing trash into the garbage bin. My attention span only goes for so long…which is typical for a tot like me!

What are your adventures/experiences with your toddler?