The Importance Of Family Time

Happily Ever Laughter!


With today’s busy lifestyles, many parents or even grandparents forget about the importance of spending quality time with their (grand-) children.

“Quality time” is based on love and care; it is spent focusing attention on the other person and sharing thoughts and feelings.

I love spending quality time with my parents. They are awesome! They don’t shy away to expose me to as many different things as possible and I know that I am loved unconditionally. Toddlers like me are very easy to understand, really.

The ‘cry’ of a toddler is like, “Love me for who I am, not for what I do. Love me, even when I am naughty because I need you”.

That doesn’t mean that you have to approve of everything we do, but be understanding and loving even when we misbehave. You know – we’re young and don’t always understand everything.

Your time, acceptance, love and care means the world to us – provide us with all four and you’ll have the happiest toddler(s) around!