Toddler Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List


Friends, it looks like SPRING has finally arrived in Chicago! The weather is finally pleasant enough to play at a playground and/or enjoy the gorgeous greenery and flowers blooming everywhere! Hence, this is a magical time to explore!

Below is my Spring Bucket List:

1. Gardening with my parents
2. Nature walks
3. Zoo visits
4. Visit the Chicago Botanic Garden (and participate in some of their toddler events)
5. Family Picnic
6. Family walks
7. Messy crafts
8. Muddy playtime
9. Visit a farm
10. Ride my tricycle

What’s on your spring bucket list?



Sensory Japanese Garden for Toddlers

Smiling like Sunshine!


Recently my parents took me to the Chicago Botanic Garden to explore its beautiful gardens! My favorite is the Japanese Garden which is filled with beauty and serenity; it gave me the opportunity to see ways a garden may look like in another country. The workers at the Gardens do an an outstanding job incorporating items that are traditionally found in different countries.

If you want your toddler to enjoy a wonderful experience to stimulate his or her senses – please, visit the Japanese Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden or any Botanic Garden in your state!

Happy Exploring!