Toddler’s Very First Haircut

…and it’s not just a trim!

photoHappy Tuesday, my friends!

Guess what? My daddy is not just an awesome cook but apparently a GREAT hair cutter also! He buzzed and trimmed my back and front and it looks AH-MAZING!

My curls are officially gone (which leaves my parents a bit sad but they saved them, though!). I look more and more like a grown kid now and I like it!

Do you like my new haircut?



Toddler Play-Doh Fun

Let’s play!

photo (10)

I don’t think it’s a secret that toddlers like me LOVE to explore, right?!

Well, I truly enjoy exploring (so I can find out how objects and materials feel and what I can do these objects/materials). Playing with Play-Doh is especially fun because it’s one great “sensory” experience! It helps us develop connections and be creative at the same time! These “sensory” experiences are very important for our growth, as well as our brain development. Further, they provide opportunities for cognitive, language and motor skills.

Playing Play-Doh with your toddler is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child, as well as being an active participant in the play! You’ll be encouraging your tots’ language development while connecting and having fun together!



Toddler Snow Days

Snow Fun!


Chicago got slammed with a foot of snow today which was unleashed by a snow storm called ‘Hercules’. I’ve never seen so much snow in my 2 years, and I’m quite excited!

Mommy and I played in the snow today while others were busy cleaning their driveways. Sometimes you gotta stop and simply enjoy the little moments in life and…live! Lots of people complain about the snow and I can see where they’re coming from but it is beautiful at the same time! Take some time to go sledding with your kids or build a snowman together!

I’ll promise you that your heart will melt once you see your childs face light up of joy & excitement!



Happy New Year

Happy 2014!

imageDear Friends,

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite picture(s) with you. It’s me (3 months old) and my mommy in NYC.  This picture pretty much sums it up how I feel felt (I can’t believe I’m using past tense!!) about 2013 and the things I’m grateful for, like my parents.

In 2013 we traveled overseas three times and we had a couple of road trips within the U.S. as well. My parents do not shy away to travel the world with me but instead teach me the importance of it. My grandfather, who I never got to meet, unfortunately used to say that everyone “should find the time to smell foreign air”. We couldn’t agree with this more, including our pups who joined us on our trip to Canada!

This being said…I hope all of you have fond memories of 2013 and remember: We’re all writing our own life stories, so write wisely, and don’t forget to smell foreign air!

Wish you all a happy 2014!



Climbing Toddlers

Up & Beyond.

photoHappy Wednesday, y’all!

I’m quite a climber these days; whenever my parents take me to the playground – they let me explore! They do hover over me but they let me climb up a slide, as well without being too scared!

Overall, I’m a boy who loves to be challenged and have fun at the same time! Yet, often times, parents worry a lot and wonder if they can let their children “let loose” at a playground because let’s face it – we don’t want them to get hurt!

But I say: Try not to go overboard protecting your children from every little bump, scratch, and boo-boo. What’s your take on this?

Should you give your kids more freedom to make mistakes and learn from them?

Comment below and share your thoughts!

The Secret Language of Toddlers

…and what our behaviors really mean.

photoYes, I’ve become quite verbal and opinionated person these days! In fact, I can be quite bossy – I tell my parents where to sit, or what I want to eat. But when it comes to communicating more complex thoughts and emotions in words – I must admit – that I still have ways to go! So, my parents are often forced to interpret my somewhat funny and/or weird behavior! How fun, huh?!

However, I’m providing you with a few hints below to help you decipher the hidden meaning of our common tantrums and body language!

Let’s go…

1. We won’t look you in the eye.

Translation: “I’m embarrassed!”

2. We lift our shirt over our head when we meet a new person.

Translation: “I’m anxious!”

3. We hide when we poop in our diaper.

Translation: “I want some privacy!”

4. Throwing food, hitting, breaking toys.

Translation: “I’m bored”, “I’m tired,” or “I need attention!”

Happy Tuesday!

How To Keep Toddlers Active

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


Toddlers like me don’t like to sit still (as you may already know). We usually wriggle from your grasp and want to be free. It can be tiring for my parents sometimes, but they know the importance of it, and hence encourage me to EXPLORE.

These days a lot of families let their children watch TV – but did you know – that we actually don’t need to watch TV? For instance, in our home there is no TV and I don’t even care. To me educational programs aren’t as enriching as real-life activities, such as figuring out how a toy works, playing games, or singing songs together.

In our household we simply encourage active playing and spending quality time together! So, if you have TV in your home you might want to limit TV watching to keep your child active.

Below are some tips for keeping your toddler(s) active:

  • Listen to music and dance together
  • Explore the backyard or playground together
  • Climb stairs and use climbing equipment, with supervision
  • Play “Follow the Leader”, “Ring Around the Rosy”, and other easy games
  • Play ball
  • Imitate animals
  • Play on a playground, with supervision
  • Enjoy imaginative play
  • Build with blocks
  • Draw with crayons

Now, you tell me…who wants to watch TV if you can do the fun things above?