Newborn Refuses To Leave Mother

This will melt your heart!

This video captured the rare moment/instant connection between a mother and her newborn child.

The baby was born via C-section, and as the nurse held the newborn to the mother’s head for their first meeting, the baby let out a scream and held on to the mother’s head — refusing to be separated.

And this my friends, is L O V E.

Happy Wednesday!



Toddlers Understanding Of Birth

Time’s flying! I’m almost TWO!


I’m about to hit a mini milestone…I will be two years old next month!

My mom tells me that giving birth to me was the greatest thing she’s done/accomplished in her life. She says I’m her miracle but truth to be told: I don’t quite understand the concept of ‘giving birth’ yet.

To help me understand my parents tell me stories in the likes of “you once lived in mommy’s tummy” (don’t ask me how that’s even possible!) or they show me “baby” pictures.

Like the other day, I pointed at an ultrasound picture and proudly said to my mom: “Monkey!” My mom, however, told me that this wasn’t a monkey but in fact – it was me! I was a bit shocked yet amused as well. So, this is… me looking like a monkey!

The world is an interesting place. I love to absorb all the new information I am learning! My eyes are filled with wonder, excitement and love.

How about you? Do you see wonder, excitement and love? If not, it’s time to open your eyes and engage in the wonders the world has to offer.