Toddler Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List


Friends, it looks like SPRING has finally arrived in Chicago! The weather is finally pleasant enough to play at a playground and/or enjoy the gorgeous greenery and flowers blooming everywhere! Hence, this is a magical time to explore!

Below is my Spring Bucket List:

1. Gardening with my parents
2. Nature walks
3. Zoo visits
4. Visit the Chicago Botanic Garden (and participate in some of their toddler events)
5. Family Picnic
6. Family walks
7. Messy crafts
8. Muddy playtime
9. Visit a farm
10. Ride my tricycle

What’s on your spring bucket list?



Newborn Refuses To Leave Mother

This will melt your heart!

This video captured the rare moment/instant connection between a mother and her newborn child.

The baby was born via C-section, and as the nurse held the newborn to the mother’s head for their first meeting, the baby let out a scream and held on to the mother’s head — refusing to be separated.

And this my friends, is L O V E.

Happy Wednesday!



Waukegan’s Public Library KIDS

Let’s have fun & read!

Our weather hasn’t changed, unfortunately. We are still facing artic colds and TONS of snow! To survive these boring days at home, my family and I decided to get a membership at our local Public Library.

AND the library is a lot fun! Their early learning center has fun and informative activities, such as counting games to back to school crafts, and a preschool sing along.

I did lots of coloring the day we visited, and guess what?

They even had a Mini Cooper on display (Bubbe, you’ll love this!)! I wasn’t able to ride it per se, but it was fun nonetheless, because I was pretending that I was driving the Mini Cooper all through the library!

Video Courtesy: Waukegan Public Library



Why You Don’t Choose Your Family

because it’s a gift from God.


You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.
Desmond Tutu

Family truly is a gift. Often times we take them for granted, but no matter how bad things get, no matter how wrong things go, family will always be there for you. So, treasure family always, and don’t take them for granted, but instead praise God for this gift! Because it really is a gift from our heavenly father.



Memory Game for Toddlers

Tierkinder Memory Game



I’m obsessed with my Tierkinder Memory Game from Germany.  It is the perfect game for a fun evening at home!

Game instructions:

First of , the game “Memory” consists 24 cards (with images that appear twice).

Shuffle the cards and place them face down on the table. Then have each player (preferably two players) uncover two cards. If it isn’t a match put one card face down again. Play accordingly – if you have a match (you memorized where the match was!) then you must take them off the table, and so forth.

The winner is the one who has the most pairs at the end!


However, if your toddler is still too young to play this game let him or her discover the animals instead.

To purchase click here.

PS: Did you know that  “Memory” is one of the most successful games from Germany?



Toddler Play-Doh Fun

Let’s play!

photo (10)

I don’t think it’s a secret that toddlers like me LOVE to explore, right?!

Well, I truly enjoy exploring (so I can find out how objects and materials feel and what I can do these objects/materials). Playing with Play-Doh is especially fun because it’s one great “sensory” experience! It helps us develop connections and be creative at the same time! These “sensory” experiences are very important for our growth, as well as our brain development. Further, they provide opportunities for cognitive, language and motor skills.

Playing Play-Doh with your toddler is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child, as well as being an active participant in the play! You’ll be encouraging your tots’ language development while connecting and having fun together!