Choco Treasure Egg

Happy Monday!

Did I mention to you that I AM obsessed with Choco Treasure Eggs? I’ve been watching YouTube videos of toddlers unwrapping either Kinder Surprise Eggs and/or the US version called Choco Treasure Eggs, and now it’s finally my turn to unwrap them (thanks to a friend of my mom’s and my god-parents who bought Choco Treasure Eggs for me)!

And as any good parent, my mommy and daddy captured this precious moment of me unwrapping my VERY first Choco Treasure Egg!

PS: Choco Treasure Eggs are chocolate eggs with a toy surprise inside. First, you unwrap your chocolate. The chocolate falls away from the plastic capsule easily – which means that you can start enjoying the delicious milk chocolate as you go, i.e. unwrap! Yet the ultimate experience is opening the capsule to discover what’s inside! Each capsule holds a different toy, puzzle, or stickers which I all diligently collect!



Does Your Toddler Eat Chocolate?



Here we go again. Brutally cold weather is back in Chicago and I’m quite upset about it! The only thing that makes me forget about it?!


My parents won’t allow chocolate on a regular basis but every once in a while they do allow it and OH BOY (!) am I happy!

How about you?



Kinder Chocolate

Made for children


My mommy has fond memories of Kinder Chocolate (“Kinder” is the German word for “children”) since she had it herself while growing up in Germany. So, when we went grocery shopping the other day and found it sitting on a shelf – my mommy simply couldn’t help herself – but buy it with excitement (you see, even parents act like children every so often)!

Interestingly, though – Kinder Chocolate has been around for more than 60 years and is the #1 brand for children’s chocolate. So, I’m quite lucky these days that I can enjoy it myself after I finished my dinner to satisfy my sweet tooth, and yet give my parents a peace of mind knowing that Kinder Chocolate contains quality ingredients. It comes in small sizes, too which is perfect for us toddlers!

Have you tried it?

Playing In The Snow With A Toddler

This stuff is cold!


It’s my 3rd time in the snow but it’s my 1st time actually enjoying it! I’m finally old enough to play in the snow and boy (!) was I excited!

We had a small snow storm over the weekend which mommy discovered as she woke up in the morning. She came to see me and said: “Kingston, look outside! It snowed!” I jumped out of bed eagerly and looked out the window…my face lit up immediately! It looked like Winter Wonderland outside!

My parents and I got bundled up and headed out to play after we got too cold and decided that it was time for hot chocolate!

Do you enjoy the snow?