Easy Art Projects for Toddlers

Happy Monday, y’all!


I love getting creative – and messy, don’t you? Last weekend my parents and I explored my painting abilities with simple and colorful crafts that honed my fine-motor skills. We picked up some leaves and glued them on a sheet of paper. Once glued on I used my hands to squiggle and move the paint around, making interesting lines and dots. I used a paint brush as well and colored the leaves in yellow, red, green and blue.

It was a lot fun! Plus, my parents are displaying my art work at home, in fact, they dedicated one of their living room walls for my art projects to boost my self-esteem!

This being said: Let small hands take the lead while crafting, but always offer assistance when necessary!

Happy Crafting!

Fall Leaf Play

Discover, create & learn!

photoHappy Monday, Everyone!

I love fall, don’t you? I love to play in the leaves, crunch them in my fingers, chase them after the wind, and last but not least stomp them! Did you know that playing with leaves is a great sensory play/experience as well?!

We’re able to work our muscles as we throw the leaves into the air while catching them at the same time! Leaves come in different shapes and textures too! My parents had me feel the different textures (sensory experience!) which was a lot of fun!

At the end of the day I helped them rake the leaves…

You see, I’m a great helper too!

How was your weekend?

The Artful Toddler

Mastering Crayons and Scribbles.


Why use paper when the driveway is just as fine to scribble on? Yesterday I built on my fine-motor skills by drawing on my parents driveway (frankly I got bored with my paper so I experimented with the driveway instead). My choice of art supply? Crayons, and let me tell you: Discovering colors is pretty darn exciting for us little ones!

Crayons are kind of magical because they provide us with a wonderful introduction to the art of making art! I feel like a pint-sized Picasso who wants to scribble everywhere except where you want me to (aka on the paper), but giving me the opportunity to draw to my heart’s content is actually very important and I’m glad my parents let me experiment.

Scribbling helps us develop finger control which we need to use a fork, write with a pencil, and brush our teeth. Plus, it gives us the freedom to choose which colors we like, what kinds of marks to make, and where to put them on the page (boosting our sense of independence!).

So, next time your tot wants to get creative please, let him/her explore (with supervision) because there’s nothing like making masterpieces — just don’t forget a smock (and maybe a drop cloth or two!).

Happy Coloring!

Arts & Crafts for Toddlers

Quick tips for crafty activities.


Are you looking for fun activities to do with your toddlers? If you do, please visit (if you’re from the Chicago area) Millennium Park and its Family Fun Festival presented by Target. My parents and I went there over the weekend and it was a lot of fun! The huge tent provides arts and crafts activities for us little ones that guarantee hours of fun and learning! To boost my creativity I kept busy drawing and I even made my own little puppet made out of a sandwich bag!

Below are a few tips to encourage your toddler to get creative:

  1. Allow your toddler to explore and get messy!
  2. Don’t do an activity with an intentional plan but instead let us take the lead!
  3. Help us create (usually making art bigger works better for us!)!
  4. Use unconventional materials to make art or crafty things (I played with glitter, paint, glue, etc.)!
  5. Allow us to move around – we don’t like to sit still!

Now…let the fun begin! Happy Crafting!

Sensory Play with Sand

Learning for Toddlers.


Do ya’ll know that sand is actually a toy?! In fact, the less a toy does the more a tot like me will learn! Sand is such a great sensory toy as we explore our senses of touch and play! My parents took me to the beach (once again!) so I can discover the wonderful texture of sand! I spent many hours playing in the sand which was wonderful because it encouraged my imaginative play!

That being said – there are many benefits letting us play with sand, such as:

  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Eye & hand coordination
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Sensory skills
  • Language development (playing with sand is a social activity that requires speaking and listening)

You see, playing with sand has a lot of benefits… What hinders you from taking your tot(s) to the beach?! Let’s get ready and have some fun!