Encourage your Toddler to Dream

Dream on.


Today many parents push their children to a certain direction of what they think is best for us; however, I say it’s best to encourage your child – and to give them the opportunity – to achieve something special on their own and to do their best while at it.

It’s one thing if you want your child to be a doctor (and hence you go out and buy them the typical nurse and doctor toy outfits including a stethoscope and even a microscope), but have you ever thought about letting us discover our own interests? It’s important to encourage us to follow our self-actualizing dreams.


  1. Support us, no matter what we want to do in life. Happiness is the best choice!
  2. Never direct a final decision or career.
  3. Pay attention to our talents; as of now I’m a fabulous dancer and animal imitator!
  4. Listen to us, we’ll let you know.

Happy Dreaming!

How Toddlers See the World

Mind Matters.


Have you ever wondered how toddlers view the world? I’m 21 months old right now and I’m starting to get really curious about the world around me and how I fit into it. I don’t have the ability per se to understand anything bigger than my direct experience – but I love to explore the world! Also, I may not be able to ask my parents a million questions (yet!) but I know the day will come where I certainly will! Right now, I fill it with my own imagination which – by the way – is a wonderful place!

Below are some of my developmental milestones (age 2) on how I see the world:

  • I still think that my parents know what I’m thinking (because they are my super hero’s!)
  • I easily mix up reality and fantasy, so sometimes my own imagination can certainly frighten me
  • Everything I see is real, what happens on TV actually happens (Elmo is real!)

You know , children and adults see the world in fundamentally different ways…but that’s not say that one’s better than the other! We just have the passion to get out there to discover the world!