Bass Pro Next Generation Fishing Event

Well, hello there, Monday!


I cannot believe that the weekend is already over…I had so much fun! My parents + god-parents took me to Bass Pro Shop where they held a special fishing event yesterday! They had a catch and release pond where you could practice your fishing skills (über-fun!), a free kids’ fishing workshop (I won a hat and cool sunglasses, see picture!), and I got free photos (fishing certificate) and a free kids’ fishing tackle box!

I was beyond happy but it didn’t end here, of course! Afterwards my god-parents decided to take me and my parents to the Rainforest Café and I LOVED it! More aquariums + wildlife! Woo-hoo! I couldn’t have been more excited!

This being said…I’m grateful for my family who truly take the time to make my weekend(s) AWESOME!

I Love You, Mommy, Daddy, Bubbe and Opa!



12 Amazing Capsules Farm Animals

Just place in warm water & watch!


Yesterday my dad surprised me with 12 Amazing Capsules Farm Animals (which he got for just $1 at Jewel Osco)! By now you probably know how obsessed I am with animals –  so, this present was spot on!

How it works

You drop the capsules in warm water (adult supervision with warm/hot water) and watch as the capsule ‘creatures’ begin to grow and take shape! In just a few minutes my animals already started to appear!

It’s a lot of fun and the perfect surprise for your children!

To purchase click here.



Toddler Boys’ Kitchen

It’s not just a girl thing!


My daddy is a fantastic cook and I’m following his footsteps!

Today I decided to make him a special breakfast: A plate consisting of corn, a slice of bagel and one strawberry. I know it seems a bit odd for grown-ups, but not so much for tots like me! I love being creative and that includes experiencing with food!

I’m well aware that I have lots to learn to be just as great of a cook as daddy, but don’t you agree that I’m at least on the right track?!

PS: I love you, daddy (or as I pronounce it: I lah you, daddy)!



10,000 Visitors – Thank You!



I’m speechless to say the least…Thank you, my dear readers for your continued love and support!

Back in June of 2013 my mom and I thought it’ll be great to start our own blog (clearly my mom’s the ghost writer!) which serves as a diary as well. It captures our adventures, travels, and more importantly it follows my growth spurt!

Don’t you agree that I’ve changed from last summer until now?

Also, please let me know which post you enjoyed the most!

I’d love to hear from you!



Does Your Toddler Eat Chocolate?



Here we go again. Brutally cold weather is back in Chicago and I’m quite upset about it! The only thing that makes me forget about it?!


My parents won’t allow chocolate on a regular basis but every once in a while they do allow it and OH BOY (!) am I happy!

How about you?



Toddler Play-Doh Fun

Let’s play!

photo (10)

I don’t think it’s a secret that toddlers like me LOVE to explore, right?!

Well, I truly enjoy exploring (so I can find out how objects and materials feel and what I can do these objects/materials). Playing with Play-Doh is especially fun because it’s one great “sensory” experience! It helps us develop connections and be creative at the same time! These “sensory” experiences are very important for our growth, as well as our brain development. Further, they provide opportunities for cognitive, language and motor skills.

Playing Play-Doh with your toddler is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child, as well as being an active participant in the play! You’ll be encouraging your tots’ language development while connecting and having fun together!



Flashback Friday!

Blast from the past!

Happy Friday, friends!

Today I want to celebrate Friday with you! How?! With an old-time recipe from my grandma (Oma) and that is: With LOTS of laughter!

This video was taken when I was just 6 months old (and I must admit: It does feel like ages ago!). I truly hope this video will make you giggle and most importantly, smile.

Have a great weekend!