Toddler Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List


Friends, it looks like SPRING has finally arrived in Chicago! The weather is finally pleasant enough to play at a playground and/or enjoy the gorgeous greenery and flowers blooming everywhere! Hence, this is a magical time to explore!

Below is my Spring Bucket List:

1. Gardening with my parents
2. Nature walks
3. Zoo visits
4. Visit the Chicago Botanic Garden (and participate in some of their toddler events)
5. Family Picnic
6. Family walks
7. Messy crafts
8. Muddy playtime
9. Visit a farm
10. Ride my tricycle

What’s on your spring bucket list?



Bass Pro Next Generation Fishing Event

Well, hello there, Monday!


I cannot believe that the weekend is already over…I had so much fun! My parents + god-parents took me to Bass Pro Shop where they held a special fishing event yesterday! They had a catch and release pond where you could practice your fishing skills (über-fun!), a free kids’ fishing workshop (I won a hat and cool sunglasses, see picture!), and I got free photos (fishing certificate) and a free kids’ fishing tackle box!

I was beyond happy but it didn’t end here, of course! Afterwards my god-parents decided to take me and my parents to the Rainforest Café and I LOVED it! More aquariums + wildlife! Woo-hoo! I couldn’t have been more excited!

This being said…I’m grateful for my family who truly take the time to make my weekend(s) AWESOME!

I Love You, Mommy, Daddy, Bubbe and Opa!



Waukegan’s Public Library KIDS

Let’s have fun & read!

Our weather hasn’t changed, unfortunately. We are still facing artic colds and TONS of snow! To survive these boring days at home, my family and I decided to get a membership at our local Public Library.

AND the library is a lot fun! Their early learning center has fun and informative activities, such as counting games to back to school crafts, and a preschool sing along.

I did lots of coloring the day we visited, and guess what?

They even had a Mini Cooper on display (Bubbe, you’ll love this!)! I wasn’t able to ride it per se, but it was fun nonetheless, because I was pretending that I was driving the Mini Cooper all through the library!

Video Courtesy: Waukegan Public Library



Winter WonderFest

Fun times at Navy Pier!


Over the weekend my family and I visited Winter WonderFest at Navy Pier, Chicago.

I had so much fun riding the carousels with my parents (check out my daddy squeezing into a mini tea cup!).

Yet – I not only rode carousels – but I also enjoyed the ‘Snowman Bouncer’. Overall, jumping is one of my favorite activities, ya know?!

This being said: If you live in the Chicagoland area (or if you’re visiting Chicago) please, check out Navy Pier! It truly is a great place to take your children to!

NOTE: Navy Pier is getting a major renovation, too – check it out here.



A Day At The Pig Race

Oink, oink!

photoI love my parents because they always come up with something fun to do, such as spending a day at a pig race! The pig race (which was hosted at the Richardson Farm) is most definitely a family event, with parents and children all over the place!

Once everyone was settled…

The pigs were in and the bets were down. It was time to go. At the count of Five! Four! Three! Two! One! And they’re off! The pigs thundered around the track. It was very exciting seeing them race! I enjoyed myself a lot and I must say: Piglets are so cute!

Oink, oink…Happy Friday!

Nickel City Family Fun

Let’s play!


This week my parents took me to Nickel City in Glenview, IL for some family fun! And boy – did we have FUN!

Nickel City provides you with a vast number of video games that operate with just nickels – and they even have games for little tots like me! I was especially fond of riding the “Tom & Jerry” car and playing mini bowling with my parents!

So, next time you’re in the Glenview area and you’re looking for some fun things to do with your kids please, check out Family Days Out for more ideas or visit Nickel City yourself!

Happy Playing!

Sidewalk Chalk Toddler Activity

Summer Fun!


Last weekend was super fun, y’all! My family and I went to the Port Clinton Art Festival in Highland Park, IL.

My god-parents Opa and Bubbe (née Paul and Judy) introduced me to some wonderful art (both of them are big art enthusiasts)! Opa explained various art pieces to me and I quickly developed a taste! I was especially fond of one piece: A huge monkey made out of metal!

But what is an Art Festival without a Family Fun section to express yourself? The Festival provided a Graffiti wall (for toddlers of all ages) which was especially fun! I picked up some chalk right away and started expressing myself on a 16 feet long and four feet high wall! Mommy showed me how to spell out my name and daddy attempted to draw a horse which ended up looking more or less like a sheep or some sort! Daddy is so funny!

What did you do over the weekend?