5 Reasons Why the Mother-Son Relationship is Important



  1. Secure attachment to the mother is VERY important. Studies reveal that boys who do not bond securely with their mothers in the infant years act much more hostile, destructive and aggressive later in life.
  1. Boys who are close to their mothers perform better in school. Yep, nurture is good and “babying” isn’t such a bad thing overall!
  1. A close mother-son relationship is good for a boy’s mental health. A study presented at the American Psychological Association showed that boys who are close to their mothers tend not to buy into hyper-masculine stereotypes.
  1. Teenage boys who are close to their moms engage in less risky behavior. It has long been known that good parent-teen communication can help lessen the influence of negative peer pressure.
  1. Moms who keep their sons close are setting them up for success later in life, both in personal relationships and at work.

Kate Stone Lombardi is the author of THE MAMA’S BOY MYTH: Why Keeping Our Sons Close Makes Them Stronger. (Avery/Penguin Group USA). A journalist, Ms. Lombardi is the mother of two adult children, a son and a daughter. She lives in New York with her husband, Michael.

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World of Wonders

The magic world of trees.

photoThe way I see the world is quite magical.

I’m in awe by the things I see around me and lately I’ve been really fascinated by trees. Nature itself is just beautiful – with cutting edge scientific researchers even stressing the importance of exposing your child to nature.

My parents read an article recently which stated that “exposure to the right kind of environment during the first years of life actually affects the physical structure of a child’s brain, vastly increasing the number of neuron branches”, i.e. the “magic trees of the mind” that help us to learn, think, and remember. -University of California at Berkeley, Marion Diamond.

So, what hinders you? Go out, and enjoy this magnificent season!

Happy Fall!

Get Your Toddlers Hiking

Nature is calling!

photoHiking is for all ages, from little babies that can be carried, toddlers who can walk and children and teens that can run! To me, being outdoors is the most enriching, rewarding and stimulating experience!

Recently my parents and I heard that ‘children now spend 52 hours a week on electronic devices and only 40 minutes a week outside’. That’s very troubling to me!

I love being outdoors!


1. It helps us connect with wild animals. I love going to the zoo but I would prefer to see an animal out in the wild. It’s important for us to learn about the difference between wild and captive animals and to explore the more natural habitats of wildlife.

2. It allows us to use our senses. We are able to hear, smell, see and feel things we haven’t before!

3. It encourages us to communicate. Daddy and I found a green bug while out hiking and that (!) got me talking up a storm!

4. It gets our body moving. We all know it’s important to stay healthy! Going for a hike is great for your fitness and the best part is that it doesn’t feel like exercise!

5. It gives us the opportunity to connect with nature. You’ll never know every plant; you’ll never know every insect. Seeing the glory – that is nature – drives us to connect with its beauty and understand its harshness.

Happy Exploring!

Greetings From Apple Holler

Let’s pick some apples!


Over the weekend my parents took me to Apple Holler in Wisconsin (yes, we crossed the border!) to immerse ourselves in some good old-fashioned farm fun! Oh, and fun I had! My parents let me pick my very first apples in the orchard, I sat on a tractor (!) and I worked my way through the 2-and-a-half acre Johnny Appleseed Maze!

At Apple Holler, I also got to experience more interaction with some farm animals, from a hand-led pony ride (I didn’t ride the pony obviously ‘cuz you know – I’m scared – but I pet the pony this time!), a petting zoo (I fed the goats – hooray!) and we even went for a hayride!

I truly had the best time!

PS: Mommy and daddy promised me that we’ll be back soon to pick some pears (my favorites!)! Yum!

What are your weekend adventures?

Niagara Falls with your Toddler



My parents and I had the best time at the Niagara Falls! You know, there is more than one Niagara Falls as I have cleverly discovered! Niagara Falls, Ontario, is located across the river from Niagara Falls, New York, with the famous waterfalls located between the two cities.

We visited both, the US and Canadian side (which would be my second time traveling internationally and I’m not even 2 years old yet!)! However, the US vs. the Canadian side couldn’t be any more different from each other, for instance, the Canadian side is more commercialized and touristy, whereas the US side is a lot calmer. We went for long walks on the US side which gave me the opportunity to experience the falls up-close and watch the fireworks on Friday night!

If you have a toddler like me I would recommend staying on the US side because it’s like an enormous, un-gated theme park! Instead of fairy tales or cartoon characters – you get to experience the Niagara Falls! They are so powerful, it not only attracts toddlers like me but many visitors from all over the world!

Happy Vacation!

Summer Fun For Toddlers

Summer Lovin’.


The temperatures have nearly been unbearable for the past week or so and you’ve probably wondered what you can do with your toddler during these hot, summer days!

You can’t expect us to be keen on sitting inside sipping lemonade all day — so what should a tired and hot parent do to keep us entertained?

Here are some of my ideas:

I’m a sponge when it comes to learning about nature, habitats and animals so my parents took me on a scenic exercise walk around Chicago’s harbor to learn more about Lake Michigan, seagulls and sail boats! If you don’t have a harbor close by – you might want to opt for your local park and look for “special in the summer” activities. Another fun idea would be to invest in a cheap sprinkler and/or baby pool. I’ve mentioned this in a previous post but I can’t stress it enough! There’s nothing like splashing in the water on a hot day!

Further, have you tried the ‘chalk talk’ with your tot(s)?! Sidewalk chalk is cheap and lots of fun! It’s a super easy way for little kids to show off their creativity and even learn a thing or two (numbers, letters, spelling, shapes… imagine the possibilities)!

Happy Summer!

Water Play for Toddlers in Chicago

Oh, Chicago! You’re the best place to get soaked!


My parents took me to Millennium Park (which is brimming right now with outdoor fun!) for some quality, family time! Given our hot and steamy weather right now – taking me to the Crown Fountain was a great idea!

Chicago’s Millennium Park has become one of the most popular hangout places among Chicagoans since its inception in 2000. It’s a great place to take your children on a hot, summer day! The crown fountain is impressive with its beautiful LED lighting, displaying moving photos of Chicago residents (and they sprout water from their mouths!).

Aside from the spouting water –  it also flows on the sides of the towers creating what appears like water curtains which were my favorite! I had lots of fun getting soaked! The Crown Fountain is definitely one of my favorite destinations in Chicago.

What are your favorite destinations?