Toddler Experiences Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex



You have no idea how cold it has been in Chicagoland!

My outdoor fun has rather been limited due to Polar Vortex (I’m not fond of you one bit – so stop it already!). Just when I thought it was safe to venture outside again, another wide swath of bitter cold air began to sweep us with thrusting temperatures to near zero degrees, ouch!

I miss those days were my family and I were able to go on a nice stroll together (i.e. to a forest preserve) where a hot chocolate from Starbucks would keep us warm while enjoying the brisk (NOT FREEZING!) air.

What kind of weather are you experiencing?



Toddler Snow Days

Snow Fun!


Chicago got slammed with a foot of snow today which was unleashed by a snow storm called ‘Hercules’. I’ve never seen so much snow in my 2 years, and I’m quite excited!

Mommy and I played in the snow today while others were busy cleaning their driveways. Sometimes you gotta stop and simply enjoy the little moments in life and…live! Lots of people complain about the snow and I can see where they’re coming from but it is beautiful at the same time! Take some time to go sledding with your kids or build a snowman together!

I’ll promise you that your heart will melt once you see your childs face light up of joy & excitement!



Toddler Approved: Build a Snowman

Let’s play in the snow!


Happy Monday, Friends!

I hope all of you had a fun-filled weekend! I certainly had a FUN weekend!

My parents and I build our very own snowman over the weekend…, and speaking of ‘Snowman’!

Isn’t this song just wonderful and OH-SO fitting for this occasion?!



Playing In The Snow With A Toddler

This stuff is cold!


It’s my 3rd time in the snow but it’s my 1st time actually enjoying it! I’m finally old enough to play in the snow and boy (!) was I excited!

We had a small snow storm over the weekend which mommy discovered as she woke up in the morning. She came to see me and said: “Kingston, look outside! It snowed!” I jumped out of bed eagerly and looked out the window…my face lit up immediately! It looked like Winter Wonderland outside!

My parents and I got bundled up and headed out to play after we got too cold and decided that it was time for hot chocolate!

Do you enjoy the snow?