Toddlers and The Importance of Pointing

Pointing is a crucial speech and language development.


I’m 22 months old and I’ve discovered the power of ‘pointing’. I point and ‘talk’ about EVERYTHING. I love pointing at things and “discussing” them with my parents! You know, a very intellectual conversation in the likes of “ohhhh”, “mama-AH” and or ”babababaguhdadadadada”. Yes, I’m a pointing and babbling machine these days!

Now, you might wonder about the importance of ‘pointing’…, well, let me tell you that it certainly makes you look at what we are pointing at, am I right? So, it gets your attention. We want your attention; that is, we want you to attend to the same item of interest as we are attending to. Did you know that joint attention is a very important communication and social skill as well?

Further, researchers found that “joint attention is also associated with the depth of information processing in infants” (Striano, Chen, Cleveland, & Bradshaw, 2006). The joint attention between a child and his parents is very important, in fact, it links to IQ, self-regulation, and social competence. This being said: Please, do not discourage us from pointing – but instead be engaging! Being involved in your tots surroundings only carries benefits for your toddler, whereas if you don’t – your child might develop great difficulty learning language, participating in symbolic play and/or understanding social cues.

Happy Pointing!