Teaching Your Toddler

…all about lions!


Lions are one of my favorite animals so, I decided to dedicate today’s date to lions. Rawwwrrrr!

They are such majestic animals and I do believe that I’m a little lion myself! To teach your toddler more about lions please, visit the National Geographic website for kids, (the site provides fun facts about lions and activities for tots like me!).

Now…let’s get started, though!

Today’s Song: Lion King SongsFrom the movie/play. Get us moving and dance with us!

Today’s Story: Little Tiger is Loud: A Book About Using Your Inside Voice by Susan Hood. Let’s practice a good “RAWR” together!

Today’s Snack: Lion Faces. Be creative and make little lion faces from a cracker! All you need is some nut butter and some raisins. Yummy!

Let the fun begin!

Playground Safety for Toddlers

Facts and Tips for Parents of Toddlers and Preschoolers.


If your family is like mine, you are probably spending a lot of time at playgrounds now that summer time is here. I love playgrounds! My favorite activity is going down the slides!

Playgrounds offer us the opportunity to explore, to have fun and to develop our gross motor abilities – yet a lot of accidents happen at playgrounds too. The CDC estimates more than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger make a trip to the Emergency Room each year due to playground-related injuries; and an estimated 8,250 of those children are under the age of 2 years old.

This being said – make sure you’re there to supervise your child(ren)!

  • Inspect the equipment and make sure all the hardware is in place
  • Make sure there is protective surfacing underneath the equipment
  • Read signs about which age group the equipment is intended
  • Be aware of any spaces that could entrap children, such as openings in guardrails or in between ladder rungs
  • Look for any tripping hazards, like rocks or tree stumps
  • Inspect your child’s clothing and make sure they don’t have any drawstrings on their clothing that might get tangled on playground equipment
  • Make sure your child is wearing appropriate foot wear (flip-flops aren’t safe for playgrounds!)
  • Teach your child to use the equipment the correct way: “Climb up the ladder and go down the slide.”

Happy Playing!

UNO for Toddlers

Use UNO as a teaching tool for toddlers!

photo (3)

Did you know that UNO is for toddlers too? In fact, we can learn from the card game! Mommy and daddy let me play with the cards this week and it only took a little modification in regards to ‘how to actually play it’.

UNO cards come in primary and secondary colors. First my parents had me organize the cards by its colors (red, yellow, blue and green) followed by counting them (UNO cards range from 0 to 9). It was a lot fun and I must say that UNO is a fun learning tool; reinforcing my recall of colors and numbers, as well as being a great preparation for pre K!

Happy playing and don’t forget to teach us to yell “UNO”!

Toddler and Pets

Pets are good friends.


I love my puppies Cali & Mylo very much! My small companions and I have a special kind of relationship. We play together, and every so often we nap together as well. There are wide-ranging benefits having pets around! Pets help us teach responsibility, and maybe even empathy. Studies have shown that children who have pets in their life are also more compassionate towards others, develop patience and can be socially stimulated earlier in life.

Are you looking for a peaceful (and safe) kingdom of pets and kids? If so, below are my three basic pet-safety rules to keep your tot from getting nipped and scratched:

  • Teach us to be gentle to pets. Never allow us to drag our pets by their tails, etc. Sneaking around is a no-no also! Teach us to approach our pooch and/or cat from the side — not from behind.
  • Calmness counts.  Teach us to trade our outside voice for our inside voice when we’re around our pets since often times jumping and yelling can rile up a doggie and even cause him/her to snap.
  • Dogs and cats don’t like hugs and kisses (but my puppies do!). I’ve noticed this especially on cats. They don’t like being patted on the head either. Even a tiny hand looming above can feel threatening to them. Demonstrating us how to gently stroke your pet along his back or side is important.

 Here’s to happy days together!