Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Let us make some art!

100_1416100_1432100_1424Happy Monday, friends! Over the weekend I spent some quality time with my god-parents Bubbe and Opa! We made some Easter cards, and let me tell you: We had so much fun together!

To protect my clothing, me, the artist, wore a white artist’s smock aka Opa’s “Get Wild” T-shirt from Lincoln Park Zoo featuring a stylized color drawing of a mandrill. To get my creative juices flowing, Bubbe asked me if I would like to make Easter cards for Mommy and Daddy, Oma, Nana, and Grandpa and Grandma, and I said, “Yes!”

I went on to create 5 different Easter cards, each with a unique style and theme. I chose the colors and backgrounds, eggs and chicks (where applicable). Bubbe, on the other hand, showed me how to use the gluestick and helped me position the first egg and chick, but I applied the glue and positioned the rest myself after selecting which appliques to use on each card. I chose and applied the stickers after Bubbe removed the backing for me and I chose the style and color of markers (the glitter markers are by far my favorite tools) used to add hand-drawn detail to each card.

The first card was the most rococo, a pastel blue background and (I think) a yellow chick, with nearly every square inch covered with stickers of every variety: flowers, rabbits, and Easter eggs.

The second featured a large blue egg highly decorated with every available color of glitter. The third was a softer spring-time look, a chick with lots of flowers, including very tiny ones that my assistant, Bubbe,  found quite difficult to separate from their backing.

The next, with a pink background, featured a blue chick wearing a yellow flower, enhanced by hand-drawn purple (I think) detail, with many shiny pastel butterflies at the bottom of the card. Very feminine, undoubtedly for Oma or Nana.

The last, a simple chick on a darker blue background featured a truly minimalist approach highlighted by primitive drawing rather than many stickers, possibly because I had forsaken my nap for my art was running out of steam.

PS: This was written with the help of Bubbe. 🙂




Explore Painting With Your Toddler

The Honest Toddler.


At my age, painting is a multi-sensory experience rather than a purely visual one. In other words, I’m more interested in how the paint feels squished between my fingers rather than the finished “artwork.”

So, while you get creative with your tot(s) make sure to prepare your clothing and surfaces for a mess (unless your rock in supervision!).

To make painting even more fun – provide raft sticks, sponges and brushes with handles big enough that are easy for our little hands to hold.

Or you might want to give us crumpled paper or a plastic bag to use as a stamp. Using these painting tools will allow us to explore how paint works with different textures and surfaces.


Easy Art Projects for Toddlers

Happy Monday, y’all!


I love getting creative – and messy, don’t you? Last weekend my parents and I explored my painting abilities with simple and colorful crafts that honed my fine-motor skills. We picked up some leaves and glued them on a sheet of paper. Once glued on I used my hands to squiggle and move the paint around, making interesting lines and dots. I used a paint brush as well and colored the leaves in yellow, red, green and blue.

It was a lot fun! Plus, my parents are displaying my art work at home, in fact, they dedicated one of their living room walls for my art projects to boost my self-esteem!

This being said: Let small hands take the lead while crafting, but always offer assistance when necessary!

Happy Crafting!

Exploring Sculptures With Your Toddler

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


I turned into an art lover while I was exploring the animal sculptures at last week’s Port Clinton Art Festival. These contemporary sculptures were very educational which made it a lot more fun to explore each one of them.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before – but early childhood education is a vital part of our overall education line-up! Exposing us to many different things plays a vital role in our brain growth and development.

Exploring these sculptures were fun for children and parents alike. True, I can’t appreciate fine sculptural art yet but I certainly enjoyed darting under a giant giraffe while making new friends!

Sidewalk Chalk Toddler Activity

Summer Fun!


Last weekend was super fun, y’all! My family and I went to the Port Clinton Art Festival in Highland Park, IL.

My god-parents Opa and Bubbe (née Paul and Judy) introduced me to some wonderful art (both of them are big art enthusiasts)! Opa explained various art pieces to me and I quickly developed a taste! I was especially fond of one piece: A huge monkey made out of metal!

But what is an Art Festival without a Family Fun section to express yourself? The Festival provided a Graffiti wall (for toddlers of all ages) which was especially fun! I picked up some chalk right away and started expressing myself on a 16 feet long and four feet high wall! Mommy showed me how to spell out my name and daddy attempted to draw a horse which ended up looking more or less like a sheep or some sort! Daddy is so funny!

What did you do over the weekend?

Arts & Crafts for Toddlers

Quick tips for crafty activities.


Are you looking for fun activities to do with your toddlers? If you do, please visit (if you’re from the Chicago area) Millennium Park and its Family Fun Festival presented by Target. My parents and I went there over the weekend and it was a lot of fun! The huge tent provides arts and crafts activities for us little ones that guarantee hours of fun and learning! To boost my creativity I kept busy drawing and I even made my own little puppet made out of a sandwich bag!

Below are a few tips to encourage your toddler to get creative:

  1. Allow your toddler to explore and get messy!
  2. Don’t do an activity with an intentional plan but instead let us take the lead!
  3. Help us create (usually making art bigger works better for us!)!
  4. Use unconventional materials to make art or crafty things (I played with glitter, paint, glue, etc.)!
  5. Allow us to move around – we don’t like to sit still!

Now…let the fun begin! Happy Crafting!

Art for Toddlers

Open Art Experience in Chicago.


My parents and my uncle took me to the city again to discover some art with me! My natural curiosity and enthusiasm are prefect when it comes to exploring creative art experiences designed just for us!

We went to Millennium Park to visit the Jun Kaneko Exhibition. This particular artist is known for his monumental ceramic sculptures, knowing how to play with scale and proportion! These sculptures looked like giant pigs to me and I simply adored the fact that they are covered in a variety of vibrant shapes and patterns, allowing us toddlers to examine our environment and focus on a sense of scale and place.

I certainly found a little gem…now, off to the next!