Love is in the air



Happy Monday!

I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend! As always, my parents and I spent some quality time together. On Sunday we visited Waukegan’s art district and afterwards we went to the Harbor which was really nice! The weather was perfect to be by the lake and I even got to walk our puppies! Highlight, though? Receiving a smooch from my mommy, of course!

Have a great week and thank you so much for stopping by!



Waukegan’s Public Library KIDS

Let’s have fun & read!

Our weather hasn’t changed, unfortunately. We are still facing artic colds and TONS of snow! To survive these boring days at home, my family and I decided to get a membership at our local Public Library.

AND the library is a lot fun! Their early learning center has fun and informative activities, such as counting games to back to school crafts, and a preschool sing along.

I did lots of coloring the day we visited, and guess what?

They even had a Mini Cooper on display (Bubbe, you’ll love this!)! I wasn’t able to ride it per se, but it was fun nonetheless, because I was pretending that I was driving the Mini Cooper all through the library!

Video Courtesy: Waukegan Public Library



Mini Golf for Toddlers

Looking for fun kids activities in Waukegan, IL?


Take them mini golfing!

My parents and I went mini golfing at ‘Lighthouse Golf‘ over the weekend! Located next to Shirl’s Dive-In and behind the clubhouse arcade, are 18 holes of the most challenging and entertaining mini golf in Lake County.

I had so much fun mini golfing, and let me tell you: The mini golf course is a delight for the eyes, too! It features beautiful scenes, fountains and waterfalls!

Toddlers are free, adults are $5 per person.

Happy Golfing!