Choco Treasure Egg

Happy Monday!

Did I mention to you that I AM obsessed with Choco Treasure Eggs? I’ve been watching YouTube videos of toddlers unwrapping either Kinder Surprise Eggs and/or the US version called Choco Treasure Eggs, and now it’s finally my turn to unwrap them (thanks to a friend of my mom’s and my god-parents who bought Choco Treasure Eggs for me)!

And as any good parent, my mommy and daddy captured this precious moment of me unwrapping my VERY first Choco Treasure Egg!

PS: Choco Treasure Eggs are chocolate eggs with a toy surprise inside. First, you unwrap your chocolate. The chocolate falls away from the plastic capsule easily – which means that you can start enjoying the delicious milk chocolate as you go, i.e. unwrap! Yet the ultimate experience is opening the capsule to discover what’s inside! Each capsule holds a different toy, puzzle, or stickers which I all diligently collect!


Flashback Friday!

Blast from the past!

Happy Friday, friends!

Today I want to celebrate Friday with you! How?! With an old-time recipe from my grandma (Oma) and that is: With LOTS of laughter!

This video was taken when I was just 6 months old (and I must admit: It does feel like ages ago!). I truly hope this video will make you giggle and most importantly, smile.

Have a great weekend!