12 Amazing Capsules Farm Animals

Just place in warm water & watch!


Yesterday my dad surprised me with 12 Amazing Capsules Farm Animals (which he got for just $1 at Jewel Osco)! By now you probably know how obsessed I am with animals –  so, this present was spot on!

How it works

You drop the capsules in warm water (adult supervision with warm/hot water) and watch as the capsule ‘creatures’ begin to grow and take shape! In just a few minutes my animals already started to appear!

It’s a lot of fun and the perfect surprise for your children!

To purchase click here.



Buzzfeed’s DIY Projects Will Bring Your Child’s Senses To Life

Let us explore!


Website Of The Day: Buzzfeed.com

Found this awesome website and simply had to share! Buzzfeed DIY shares ’20 DIY Projects That Will Bring Your Child’s Senses To Life’.

Click on the picture to read the entire article or click here.

Be sure to visit!!

Have a great weekend!

Chiberia Returns Once More

Happy Thursday, friends!


The weekend is almost here and guess what?!

We’re enjoying 40 (+) degree weather right now – yet it won’t last long, though! It looks like ‘Chiberia’ returns once more with 20 degree weather by the end of this week. So, we’ll have limited options (again!) of what we can do during these extreme cold temps! We don’t like to spend all day inside the house, so we usually look of fun ways to make dull home moments exciting by visiting our local library, for instance, to enjoy indoor fun somewhere else besides home!

What are your tips and tricks to tackle cold weather with your toddler(s)?

Let me know by commenting below!



The Importance of Play Dates

Let’s meet & play!


Did you know of the importance of play dates?

It’s not only great for parents to meet with other parents, and have their kids play together, but it’s also good for us! We learn how to interact with other kids; learn how to share and how to get along in general.

Jenn Berman, author of The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy, Confident Kids, says, “It’s never too early for a playdate for a child, even an infant. Babies are fascinated by other babies, and any new stimulation is really good for brain development. Even looking at another child, touching hands, and just being curious is really good.”

I, on the other hand, do not care of the age(s) of my friend(s). I love to play, even if our ages don’t match!



Daydreaming of Summer

Thinking of you, summer!

I don’t know how you feel but I’m ready for summer! I want ‘Chiberia’ to return to Chi City again – with heat waves close to 90 degrees in the midst of summer. So, let’s hurry up, please!

Seriously, I cannot wait for you, YES, YOU, S U M M E R to get here!

Are you with me?!

PS: The snowman is me.



Role Playing Games

Choo Choo!


I’ve been watching mommy and daddy for my whole life now and I’m OH-SO ready to start my own imagination games that either mirror our home life and/or outside life. My latest obsession?

Choo choo trains!

I turned my room into a train station with me being the ticket conductor! Come visit me and watch the magic happen! My parents are happy to play the “role play” game with me and I must admit: It’s fun to boss them around every once in a while!

What are your favorite games?



Toddler Boys’ Kitchen

It’s not just a girl thing!


My daddy is a fantastic cook and I’m following his footsteps!

Today I decided to make him a special breakfast: A plate consisting of corn, a slice of bagel and one strawberry. I know it seems a bit odd for grown-ups, but not so much for tots like me! I love being creative and that includes experiencing with food!

I’m well aware that I have lots to learn to be just as great of a cook as daddy, but don’t you agree that I’m at least on the right track?!

PS: I love you, daddy (or as I pronounce it: I lah you, daddy)!